Let's get informed when someone open your emails or attachments !
Receive an email alert when emails or attachment are opened, et let's engage a phone call with your client at the right time !


Geolocate your recipients to know when to best engage a phone call
Don't bother your prospect anymore !


Improve communication of your offers
Thanks to Dolimail, know how much time is spent on each of your PDF pages and learn what is meaningful or simply pleasant for your clients, then adapt for your communication for upcoming sendings !


Detect email leaks and sharing
You are now able to detect if your emails are shared with someone else than the original recipient.

  • With Dolimail, power up your Dolibarr with a new button : Send a tracked email

  • It permits to gain advanced sales features, like getting an alert (email) when your email's attachment is open...

  • ... or simply get an alert each time your email is open

  • With Dolimail, you can also choose to forbid the downloads of your attachment which permits, for examples, to know which pages of your PDF are popular or studied, who is reading, or when the document is accessed

  • To protect your documents against leaks or unexpected forwards due to a recipient misbehaviour, you can also require your recipient to validate his email address each time he wants to access the attachments

  • But for your most trusted partners, you can also choose to bring the attachments within the email, and choose to not track the email or the attachments

  • If you enable the attachment tracking, your recipient will get a link to access the files

  • As soon as your email is read, you will be able to receive an alert (sms/email). So that you now know when to engage a phone call, and you can best quantify your recipient interests : reaction time, number of reads, ...

  • Our online document reader is just like your recipient prefered PDF reader, except that now it's you who manage the available options within it !

  • This allows you to be alerted each time your recipient read it, and if multiple pages, to know which pages get the most of his/her attention !

  • All of the information are written within your dolibarr (alerts and so on), so that everyone in your team can gain sales benefits from Dolimail !

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Each 3 months, you'll be asked for a donation : price is up to you !

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